“We not only design but take its responsibility till – we actualize what we visualize.”

Image size 1200 X 780

Product Styling

The fabrics design are then scaled down for the styling of the products. Scaled down version of all the made ups are provided which gives the client a very clear idea as to how the finished product would look even before venturing onto its execution. It helps in doing required changes at the artwork stage. These artworks could also be used for a presentation to the buyer & get their feed back before the sampling.

Fabrics Design

Taking the theme board as the premises the fabrics are designed. All the fabrics are designed in actual scale & have the details of warp/weft; reed/pick; count/construction etc in case of wovens; actual print artwork with repeat in case of prints & tracings & embroidery details in case of surface ornamentations.

Sample Execution

This service is specifically for clients that Vaishali Design Studio designs for. We design & also get the samples executed to ensure perfect conversion of design into its prototype.It also helps clients who are not equipped with their own sampling unit. VDS thus provides a complete package from “design to samples” with fabric source & cost details. VDS has its inhouse sampling unit so that the confidentiality of designs is maintained.