A. Textile design:
Designing home furnishings being the prime service area ; at Vaishali Design Studio we do design development from fabric till the made ups stage. Fabrics are designed using printing ; weaving & various surface ornamentation techniques which is followed by styling of various home furnishing products like quilts; pillows; curtains etc. The designs are handed over to the clients with complete details of fabric quality; count/construction; actual scale artworks ; tracings ; swatches etc. To help the client visualize the designs without even sampling them ;VDS gives made ups in 2D layouts as well as 3D drape format

B. Sample Execution:
This service is specifically for clients that Vaishali Design Studio designs for. We design & also get the samples executed to ensure perfect conversion of design into its prototype.It also helps clients who are not equipped with their own sampling unit. VDS thus provides a complete package from “design to samples” with fabric source & cost details. VDS has its inhouse sampling unit so that the confidentiality of designs is maintained.


C. Exhibition stall design & showroom design & Display:
Selling of a product is dependent not only on good designing but also on how a product is presented or displayed. As VDS has been designing textiles it also gets involved with the display of textiles at the showroom or at the exhibitions; which includes designing of the showroom OR designing the stall of the exhibition also. This ensures a relevent & justified display of textiles which brings out the designs beautifully. This service of stand design & display is for clients who get their textiles designed by VDS.


D.Theme & Colour Trends:
Equipped with an experience of 20 years in the field of Textile design for Exports & exposure to various markets & buyers, VDS further collects information from a lot of international magazines & books ; does market surveys; visits fairs in different countries to develop its themes & colour trends. These trends are available for sale.


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